The what, why, and how of essential oils



Are you unsure of how to use essential oils?


Not sure what each oil is good for?


Not sure what brand or company to buy from?


Overwhelmed of even knowing where to start?


For moms who want to take charge of their wellness by using more natural ways 

to make their home a safe and wholesome space. 


With this course you will have the knowledge and confidence 

to properly use oils in your everyday routine at home.


I’m not going to lie, stepping into the oily world was very overwhelming for me. I had only used diffusers in the past with oils I had purchased from retail stores. Knowing what I know now, I realize there is a tremendous lack of quality in what I was paying for and what I was actually getting out of it. Tori is wonderful! She is always there to answer my questions. Tori shares her wealth of knowledge and gives insight for uses as well as sharing the benefits of using the products. My oily journey has been very enlightening and I can’t wait to learn more!
Anna R
Anna R​
Being a part of this oily family means I am never alone when it comes to finding solutions that work for my family. Having the support of Tori is something I am so grateful for.
Katie H​
I’m so thankful Tori shared what essential oils and non-toxic living was doing for her because after finding out I was pregnant with my 4th baby at the start of a pandemic, I needed extra help! I initially wanted to try some oils to help with nausea. I was honestly overwhelmed at the idea because of not knowing what to mix and how to use them, but I trusted that Tori wouldn’t say they worked if they didn’t. She made it all so simple and was so helpful with any and all questions I’ve ever had! She’s so giving with extra goodies I’ve received just for shopping with her. It’s very apparent Tori shares this to better people’s lives. Mine is certainly better because of it!
Megan K

About the Creator



Hi, I’m Tori! 

Just a mother and registered nurse who is passionate about helping women make natural wellness easy. I love to help mother’s spend more time playing with their kiddos and less time stressing and researching over what is safe and what isn’t. 
I like to say that essential oils are the best tools in your wellness toolbox and I want to give you the knowledge to use that toolbox everyday!


Are essential oils safe for children?

We always want to make sure to dilute for sensitive skin and to avoid oils such as wintergreen at young ages, but overall oils are safe to use for the entire family!

I wouldn’t really know what to do with oils if I had them.


Well good thing you’re about to snag this course which will help you feel knowledgeable and confident using them multiple different ways. Baby steps are key!

How do I know which oils are good for what?


There are a LOT of oils to chose from. Even I don’t know the exact use for every oil there is. The way to get started is to pick a few at a time and go from there. In this course I’ll give you 5 oils to use multiple different ways in your home and from there you will build confidence to add more in. 
(P.S. this is another reason the Roller and Diffuser Blends mini course is such a good resource- lots of ideas for blends and what to use them for)

Includes printable diffuser and roller blend PDF so keep handy which makes using your oils a breeze!
And there might even be a discount code for another course
so you can continue your oily wellness journey!