Simple mixtures to use in your everyday routine



Finally getting the feel for essential oils but unsure of how to mix and match?


Not sure what blends are good for certain things?


Tired of staring at the oils on your shelf and ready to put them to good use?



For essential oil users who are still getting the hang of putting their essential oils to work.

Moms who are caught between the levels of newbie and expert.


You will know exactly what blends to use for:




Stress relief


Menstrual cycle




Skin support


All things kids


and more!


About the Creator 


Hi, I’m Tori!


Just a mother and registered nurse who is passionate about helping women make natural wellness easy.
I was the person who was given oil, stuffed them in a box, and pulled them out only once in a blue moon 
because I didn’t really know how to put them to use.
So instead of staring at your pretty oils on the shelf, I want you to use them and love them.



Are essential oils safe for children?


We always want to make sure to dilute for sensitive skin and to avoid oils such as wintergreen at young ages, but overall oils are safe to use for the entire family!

What combination is good for ______?


We are going to cover a lot of roller and diffuser blends here, but guess what? If I don’t cover something you need, you can always reach out to me and I’ll answer that question for you. I’m here for you!

Includes printable PDFs to keep handy which makes using your oils a breeze