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Are you unsure of what products are really safe?


Tired of wasting money on greenwashed products?


Unsure of the best prices or best deal on non-toxic products?




For moms who have been overwhelmed by all the conflicting information and just want to cut through the junk and find safe alternatives that WORK for their family. 


You will have the step-by-step process to know how to find safe and healthy products for every room in your home. Know what to avoid, what to actually use, and do it all on your own budget and time!


My journey with toxins has been painful AND rewarding.
It all started when my company decided to go to a uniform that didn’t wrinkle or stain.
This is because it was coated with a toxic substance. My head became inflamed and I started losing my hair.
I also developed a rash. Then Tori educated me on how toxins(like the one on my uniform) could be affecting my health and showed me how to slowly detox my home to help with all the symptoms.
I didn’t try to throw everything out and start over ( even if that’s probably what I should have done).
Now I’m free of the rashes and my head is back to normal. I’m still very sensitive to cleaning products so I'm very careful about what I use. Tori walked me through the whole detox process. She was very patient.
That was great because I’m old and it’s hard to change the way I’ve been doing things.
Thanks Tori!
Deborah W.

About the Creator


Hi, I’m Tori!

Just a  mother and registered nurse who is passionate about helping women make natural wellness easy. 

I love to help mothers spend more time playing with their kiddos and less time stressing and researching over healthy alternatives. I’m a medical study junkie that loves to provide moms with real evidence based information so they feel empowered about their wellness decisions.

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